VOX AmPlug2 Lead

VOX AmPlug2 Lead

VOX AmPlug2 Lead
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Searing, high gain lead tone that"s perfect for solos.



With amPlug 2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model now provides three modes. Guitar types provide multi-effect functionality, and a rhythm function has been added to the bass type. A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use.  The amPlug is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it's an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist.

For the first time ever, the amPlug 2 series includes nine selectable effects for guitarists and nine built-in rhythm patterns for bassists.

Available models:     

AC30: Provides the AC30 top boost sound.     

Classic Rock: Delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100W amp.     

Metal: Gives you the extreme high-gain sound of a US-made amp.     

Bass: Designed specifically for low frequencies, offering a wide-range response.     

Clean: The ideal choice for fat, boutique inspired clean sounds.     

Blues: The authentic, crunchy blues tone of a cranked tweed amp.     

Lead: Searing, high gain lead tone that’s perfect for solos.

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