From the Premier Guitar Roundup Review:

      "...If Strat pickups were cats, the other sets would snarl. This one purrs. This ’59 Clone set may be too restrained for some, but for those who appreciate the deep, baked-in character of old guitars, this set is the one to beat."

      Mojotone has cloned the original 1959 Strat® pickups that recreate the unmistakable 1959 tone. These pickups are an important part of the evolution of guitar electronics and we knew we needed to recreate them in the most ideal way possible.  We copied a specific  set of original 1959 Strat® pickups that really caught our attention and stood out as something very special.

      Each coil is handwound to the exact same specifications. We painstakingly went out of our way to use the exact same materials and manufacturing methods. Sand cast Alnico 5 beveled magnets, vintage-spec heavy Formvar coil wire and lightly wax potted just like the originals.

      These have amazing warmth and clarity that absolutely nail that 1959 Strat® sound.

      Neck: 5.6K

      Middle (RWRP): 6.2K

      Bridge: 5.9K

      Magnet: Alnico 5


      310600 - Mojotone 59 Clone Strat
      Mojotone 59 Clone Strat pickup set
      € 239,-
      Mojotone 59 Clone Strat pickup set
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