AVn Broadcaster set. (AVn-48n/AVn-48b)

      This set replicates the elusive Broadcaster pickups sound of the late 1940’s but without annoying hum. Thick and focused tone with lots of drive. The prominent midrange makes for superb definition with gratifying *attitude* plenty of output that cuts effortlessly through the rest of the band (satisfaction guaranteed). This set has prominent high end shimmer and air (sparkle/presence) but a fuller bodied twang and wide dynamic range that will delight Tele players who want the extra fat tone and punch of those early Broadcasters.

      The middle position of the selector switch is not quite as hollow as with the AVn-60’s Custom set, there is noticeably more high midrange bark/quack content which is the result of the hotter bridge pickup domi-nating the neck bridge pickup. My unique design allows me to preserve the original appearance of the bridge pickup with white string coil overlay and the neck unit with it’s nickelled cover, without sacrificing any performance or tone. It’s all there in abundance with nothing missing except for the 60Hz hum, buzz and microphonic whistle.

      310510 Avn Broadcaster set
      310511 AVn-48 bridge: 7.35 K-ohms; Resonance 3.5KHz; Inductance 3.3H
      310512 AVn-48 neck : 7.80 K-ohms; Resonance 3.5KHz; Inductance 2.2 H

      Kinman noiseless Telecaster pickups.
      When I set about creating my Tele models I had a persistent etermination to preserve the appearance and sound of the originals. To accomplish this I couldn’t use my existing Strat pickup design so I invented a totally new technology, with it’s own set of Patents, specially for Telecasters . It took 3-1/2 years perfect but the massive effort in terms of time and special equipment that had to be invented and built was worth it in the end. These are not just Strat pickups in a different guise, these are totally new and have their own unique authentic Telecaster sound and almost magically they have much sweeter highs than single coils and yet display abundant presence.


      Kinman AVn-Broadcaster Tele set
      € 325,-
      Kinman AVn-Broadcaster Tele set
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