The PAF Pro humbucker has the most transparent sound of the group of Modern Classic Humbuckers. Thats not to say there isnt plenty of aggressive chunk in the bottom-end, because there is a spike in the mid - range that gives the pickup a subtle aw vowel sound , like a wah-wah pedal stopped in the middle. It adds drive to the high note bends and grind to notes on the low E string. The transparency of its sound lets the PAF Pro cut through heavy processing. Other pickups get lost in the mud of the effects chain. The PAF Pro is EQ'd to enhance, not fight, all the gain and processing it's sent through.
      The sound of a PAF Pro combined with a single-coil pickup in the middle position adds the versatility of the traditional glassy twang to any guitar . Using a five-way pickup switch and backing off on the guitar's volume control gives you a range of tone from over the top to slashing funk rhythm.
      Recommended for neck and bridge positions.

      Specifications: Magnet Alnico 5, Output 300mV, DC Resistance 8.40K, Treble 6/Mid 5/Bass 5


      Dimarzio DP151 PAF Pro
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      Dimarzio DP151 PAF Pro
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