A 100% natural product obtained from the nut-like fruits of the Chinese tung tree (aleurites fordii). Due to its excellent protective qualities, tungoil has for centuries been simply knownas “wood oil”. Tung oil is absorbed by wooden surfaces very quickly and hardens as it dries, yielding a surface finish which is flexible yet very durable and resistant to moisture passage. Woodsurfaces treated with tung oil retain their natural beauty and feel. The protective coat does not darken or change the wood’s color over time as linseed oil does and remains flexible. If the finish becomes damaged, it can be easily retouched by rubbing more oil over the damaged area. It is well-suited for music instruments (legend has it that the hardiness of the Great Wall of China is in part due to the thick coats of tung oil applied during its construction).

      Can be applied using either a brush or a piece of cloth. It can be applied in multiple coats and thinned with real turpentine. Tung oil dries quickly (1-6 hours) to form a matt, non-reflective surface coat that may be polished with wax if a higher gloss is desired. After drying, the oil coat is chemically stable, free of any dangerousemissions and gentle on the skin.


      Chinese Tung houtolie 0,25L
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      Chinese Tung houtolie 0,25L
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