Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

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Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener
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With the Bullet at your disposal, you'll never take your jackplate off again to tighten things up.



The patent pending Bullet™ guitar jack tightener is a must-have accessory for every guitar player. The patented Grip-Tip™ holds the jack while tightening, preventing damage to wiring and solder joints. Similar products require additional wrenches or tools to work, and are made of metal which can scratch and damage your hardware and finish. The Bullet has everything you need in a quality plastic tool that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Bullet fits US-sized 1/2 inch nuts for 1/4 inch jacks.

Tighten or loosen your guitar's input / output jack with no other tools, and without jackplate removal, in three easy steps:

 1) Position the socket head around the nut on your guitar jack.  2) Firmly push the Grip Tip down onto the guitar jack opening to hold it in place.  3) Use the swivel handle to tighten or loosen the nut and the jack.

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Extra informatie

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