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      Vox Humana CarbonTech Necks

      Vox Humana CarbonTech Necks

      The CarbonTech truss rod, best backbone around…  We have been using  synthetic fibers in necks for many years now. Why is that: fiber doesn’t have a usable tone of it’s own, but -  there is no better way getting both controlled stiffness and vibration. So, we don’t built all-fiber necks: : it’s all about wood! The results:  a beautiful, steady tone in every neck position. It’s like your instrument doesn’t detune at all… But the sound stays – woody. And it’s as good as wood can sound…!

      That’s why we provide all our Vox Humana necks with a CarbonTech truss rod. The truss rod is a sturdy T-profile made out of fiber, and inside there’s the actual steel truss rod.  
      Nothing’s wrong with a steel truss rod. But it can cause problems in a ‘normal’ guitar, because it is suspended in a cavity, free to vibrate on its own, thus even causing one or more wolf notes…!  Not so in our necks. The CarbonTech truss rod  is fully glued-in, mounted tightly to the timber with no cavities at all – supporting every inch of the neck. 
      The CarbonTech truss rod adjusts very well, prevents wolf notes and neck torsion, contributes to sustain and amplifies some very musical overtones. But this truss rod also makes the guitar tone more tight, more clear: the sound of wood easily finds its natural place in the band mix, which means that your (bass) guitar is able both to support and to stand out when needed.
      And by the way – no, we’re not busy trying to built an all-fiber neck after all… Off course, it still seems a good idea from a technical point of view. But we are no engineers, we are luthiers. And we know that the tone of fiber will not be an interesting one. Good guitar sound needs wood!

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