Seymour Duncan SSL-2-RW/RP Vintage Flat Strat

Seymour Duncan SSL-2-RW/RP Vintage Flat Strat

Seymour Duncan SSL-2-RW/RP Vintage Flat Strat
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Middle pickup with reversed winding & polarity.



SSL-2-RWRP Reversed winding & polarity


This is done to achieve hum cancellation on a guitar with 3 single coil picks. On a Strat the middle pickup is replaced by a single coil pickup of which the winding direction and magnetic polarity have been reversed. This way hum cancellation can be achieved on position 2 and 4 of the 5-way switch, when 2 pickups are used together.

SSL-1 & SSL-2 Vintage Strat

An exact replica of the original Alnico V Stratocaster pickups. The same type of magnet wire is used, as well as the same number of coil windings. The staggered rod magnets are hand-ground, then aged by the exclusive Dun-Aged process, lacquered bobbins and cloth-braid hookup wire complete the vintage look. Every detail is included to duplicate the bell-like tone and the high-end bite that made the vintage Strat famous.
The Vintage Flat has rod magnets of equal length which are slightly raised above the flatwork.The flat magnet pattern provides the balanced field necessary for an even response using todayメs strings and flatter fingerboards.

320300 SSL-1 Vintage Strat, staggered pole pieces
320301 SSL-1 RW/RP
320310 SSL-2 Vintage Flat Strat, flat pole pieces
320311 SSL-2 RW/RP
Extra informatie

Extra informatie

Productcode Seymour Duncan SSL-2-RW/RP
Manufacturer Seymour Duncan
Fabrikantcode Seymour Duncan SSL-2