Seymour Duncan SMB4D Music Man bass

Seymour Duncan SMB4D Music Man bass

Seymour Duncan SMB4D Music Man bass
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SMB4D Music Man bass

SMB-4d/SMB-5: Your Music Man plays great, now make it sound great with this powerful 4 or 5-string ceramic magnet pickup designed specially to bring out the best tone of the mid- and late-メ70s Stingrays
These pickups offer a highly musical tone with a richly articulated bottom, major midrange, and lots of treble. Itメs got a nice, mild bark without being overly brash, and itメs not at all harsh in the mid-range. The low end is full and strong without being mushy or foggy.

SMB-4a/SMB-5a: Music Man used alnico magnets on the original 1976 StingRay basses. These ground-breaking instruments are some of the most highly collectable basses of their era. The Alnico-5 magnets have the effect of extending both ends of the frequency spectrum beyond that of their ceramic magnet counterparts. In other words, the Alnico version is both warmer on the bottom and more detailed on top.

320820 SMB-4d 4-string, black cover
320821 SMB-5 5-string, black cover
320825 SMB-4a 4-string, black cover
320826 SMB-5a 5-string, black cover

Music Man pickups are best used wired in parallel but series (humbucking) or single coil are also possible.
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