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      AVn-Woodstocks. Un-Aged sound?.

      These pickups have the sound of a late 1960's pickup set as it would have sounded when it was new in 1969, in other words UN-aged (faster, more dynamic attack). For the dynamic, fluid and super responsive sound of one of the great inspirational Stratocaster masters of all time with a wall of Marshalls, volumes set to 11, blasting away behind him. Bright, dynamically responsive with loads of feel, low end thump and presence and one of the biggest, most exciting single coil sounds you will ever hear. Retains a significant degree of brightness under heavy overdrive. Absolute killer in-between positions thanks to the dynamic performance of the AVn-69 models. Switch positions 2 and 4 produce THE most authentic hollowness/quack/ cluck/whatever of all my pickup sets and are an absolute joy.

      Some players have asked us for a fatter, hotter bridge pickup for the Woodstock set, one that has more output. Well here it is. As far as Strat pickups go the new Hx-85 bridge pickup packs a real wallop and is approaching the thump of a P-90. It has a fatter, thicker tone with thumping attack and output. Position 2 (bridge + Middle) is unexpectedly wonderful with unusually high amount of chime.

      310190 AVn-69 neck : 6.6K-ohms; Resonance 4KHz; Inductance 3.1H
      310191 AVn-69 middle : 6.6K-ohms; Resonance 4KHz; Inductance 3.1H
      310192 AVn-69 bridge : 6.6K-ohms; Resonance 4KHz; Inductance 3.1H
      310193 HX-85 bridge : 9.6K-ohms; Resonance 2.7KHz; Inductance 4.4H
      310200 Woodstock set : (AVn-69/AVn-69/AVn-69)
      310210 Woodstock plus set : (AVn-69/AVn-69/Hx-85)


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      Kinman Woodstock strat set
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      Kinman Woodstock strat set
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